6 Things to Make Him Fall in Love with You Even More


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Sometimes you have to investigate further instead of just reading the signs. But if you decide to simply make it work, you should use a few of the tips listed here. If you do, you’ll have him back in no time!

  1. Point Out Your Similarities
man and woman in same shirt

Pointing out similarities will help both of you get the most out of your time together.

While it is entirely possible, and even likely that you and your man have similar interests. You probably don’t have as many in common as you and your best friends do. That it is why it is important to point them out as often as possible. I mean, you’ve had to have enjoyed at least one of the superhero movies you’ve watched or video games you’ve played with your dad, brother(s), ex-boyfriend(s), or basically any other guy in your life.

  1. Smile Often and Make Eye Contact

Nothing is better than an enthusiastic smile on someone’s face. And nothing is worse than thinking your partner is simply going through the motions. Guys need to be reassured that you’re enjoying yourself and are engaged in whatever it is that you’re doing. Whether you two are out and about, or in a more private setting, make sure he knows you’re having a good time.

  1. Don’t Be Too Clingy, Show Your Independence
Woman practicing yoga on a lake

Spending some time apart is healthy for a relationship and allows you to grow as an individual

While you might not mean any harm, sometimes an over attached partner can scare the other one away. Remember, a girl that can go off and do her own thing without constantly needing a guy by her side is a turn on. Also, don’t get discouraged if he hasn’t responded to your message for a little while. Sometimes he just needs his space. As you need yours as well.

  1. But Don’t Leave Him Hanging Either

However, don’t leave him second guessing about every choice he’s made with you or keep his plans for the night up in the air. As you know, there are very few first world problems worse than watching your cell for the infamous typing bubbles.

  1. Show Him That You Care About Your Appearance
Stylish woman trending clothing

Show him that you care about your relationship, and yourself, by dressing up every now and then

Simply put, always try to look your best. As vain as that statement may sound, even guys who are not shallow like a girl that takes pride in her appearance and puts effort into her wardrobe. As comfortable as leggings are, try a nice dress or a skirt every once and awhile. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or the smallest size. Just something that shows you put some thought into it before you left to see him.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Him a Little Bit of Your Wild Side

When things start to get a little routine, it’s time to spice it up. Now, this can mean loosening up while you’re out on the town. Maybe sneaking into somewhere that you shouldn’t, or trying out some new bars or clubs that you haven’t been to before. Take this time to go on an adventure and try things you never would have thought of by yourself or earlier in your relationship.