Animal House of Horrors


Do you know what’s going on next door? Who the individuals are that live there? Have you done your own people search to find out if they have broken the law? Well, you should. They may be a danger to you, the people around you, and even your pets.

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50 animals were killed by a fire this month in Florida in what is being called an Animal House of Horrors. 45 of the beasts were cats, 4 were dogs, 2 were raccoons, and 1 was a Macaw. 14 other canines and one feline were rescued from the home, located in Merritt Island.

animal house horrors people search trauma brantley

Pictured on left: Jacquelyn Traum, 67 Pictured on right: Daniel Brantley, 55

Brevard County Police arrested Jacquelyn Traum, 67, and Daniel Brantley, 55, for animal cruelty. The couple are facing nearly 80 counts in all (4 felony and 74 misdemeanor). An investigation into the fire found that the animals were living in “deplorable” conditions—packed into cramped quarters.

animal house horrors people search interior

Living conditions inside Jacquelyn Traum and Daniel Brantley’s home

Some of the surviving dogs have been given new homes. The others are still recovering. Over 120 applications came in for their adoption.

animal house horrors people search interior

The “Animal House of Horrors”

How could someone keep so many animals in their home is one thing. Surely, they loved animals. Maybe they felt the need to save every stray. But why they would provide the creatures with such terrible care after “saving” them is another. And another question remains. Did anyone know what was going on in Traum’s and Brantley’s home? Had they ever been reported? Did anyone do a people search or address search regarding the couple?

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