Anyone Born in the 90s?


Anyone born in the 90’s? If you weren’t, you definitely missed out on a great time. If you were, you definitely appreciate this time in history! Those of you who don’t know might ask: what makes the 90’s so special? The 90’s was such an awesome time for so many different reasons. First of all, we had the coolest toys! Ladies, remember Skip It? You know, the toy that wrapped around your ankle? Or how about collecting Beanie Babies and Furbies? What about playing jump rope or hopscotch? Then there was Stretch Armstrong, Bop it, Street Sharks, Tamagotchi, etc. These were just some of the wonderful toys we had.

The Best Part Of The 90’s

Backstreet Boys wearing all white? Or NSYNC using the puppet strings for their song, “It’s Gonna Be Me?” Let’s not forget Spice Girl’s hit “Wannabe” or Britney Spears’s “Oops I did it Again.”  When feeling a bit nostalgic, this is one of the areas 90’s babies discuss. We had the coolest artists ever!

Fashion was another factor that made the 90’s, the 90’s. Those overalls! What a killer! If there is anything in the 90’s that should stay in the 90’s, it’s the fashion. I definitely won’t miss those outfits. But let’s admit that the only reason why anyone goes “Lumberjack” (flannel) today, it’s because of this time.

They always say to “save the best for last” and I did. Finally, if you grew up in the 90’s you definitely understand that shows like: Boy Meets World, Sister Sister, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Rugrats, Full House, etc. definitely made the 90’s, the 90’s. Of course there’s another show that can be added to the list, The Nanny.


The 90’s had some of the best TV shows of all time

The Nanny

The Nanny was definitely one of those shows that had you in stitches. Fran was always getting into some sort of trouble and Mr. Sheffield would always try to reign her in. Let’s not forget, Fran’s mother who would consume everything in sight or Niles and Ms. Babcock’s banter. This show was definitely unique and personally brings a lot of nostalgia.

So what happens when you have nostalgia? You want to relive the past again (well maybe not every aspect); you want to relive the “glory days.” Well, The Nanny definitely wanted to relive its “glory days” again.

According to a recent Facebook trend, a couple of the members from the show have recently gotten together. It wasn’t for a formal “reunion” but instead just for fun. Fun being Renee Taylor’s birthday party. What better way to relive these days than at a birthday party? Well from the looks of the pictures if seems like they had a wonderful time.

As you can see, the 90’s was an incredible time and the world wasn’t something to be feared. Now, we have to use things like background checks and phone lookup services because of the dangerous digital age we live in.

But no worries. Even as this world grows dark, we can still hold on to those lighter days.


Cast of the hit 90’s TV show, The Nanny