How Well Do You Know Your Babysitter?


Nanny Snafus

If you have kids then you know the struggle of finding the right caregiver to look after them while you are out of the house. Whether you are at work all day or want a few hours one night to catch up with your girlfriends, you will need someone responsible to watch over your children. Most parents don’t have the luxury of ringing up family and friends for favors. Instead most families turn to complete strangers to watch their kids. The process of finding the perfect sitter nowadays has become very difficult, despite services like or Craigslist.

Sometimes you think you found the perfect sitter. The kids love her, they get along great, she cooks, and she follows all of your rules. However, sometimes things don’t always work out. That’s the scary reality of babysitting that many parents have already been forced to face. Here are some of the worst babysitting stories that will make you never want to leave your kids with anyone ever again.


babysitter background check

Top Babysitter Nightmares

Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Glass Sandwiches

Struggling to open a glass jar of peanut butter, a babysitter got frustrated and slammed the jar against the counter, causing the top to break off. Then instead of, you know, maybe throwing it out or checking for broken glass, she spread the peanut butter containing the glass shards all over slices of bread and served them to the two young boys she was watching. The parents came home to kids with bleeding mouths.

Arts and Crafts with a Sharpie

One mom was forced to hire a brand new babysitter when she had to go on a last-minute business trip. Upon arriving home she discovered that her toddler son went on a coloring craze. Both his and his baby sister’s faces were covered in permanent black marker. Apparently, the sitter instructed the boy to color while she was on the phone with her boyfriend in another room.

Date Night for Four

Every couple needs a romantic night together, away from the kids. And that’s exactly what this one couple did. They found a sitter and headed out for a night of food and drinks. When they returned home, they found all of the lights had been turned off. They heard romantic jazz music playing on their stereo in the living room and walked in to find their babysitter having sex wither her boyfriend on the couch. Where were their four toddlers? They were in the basement, running around completely unsupervised.

Babies and Poop

One mom decided to let her ex-husband watch their three kids for a few days. She had no idea the father would have to go away for work and that the kids would be under the supervision of his new girlfriend. One night, the youngest, a 3-year-old girl, accidentally took a poop in the tub. Instead of cleaning it up, the girlfriend took the poop and forced the little girl to eat it, holding her down until it was all gone, leaving bruises down the side of her body.

babysitter background check

A Babysitter Background Check Is a Must

No parent ever wants to go through the hell these parents went through. While finding the perfect sitter can take some time, there are a few ways to ensuring you pick the best one.

Ask your friends and family for any recommendations — this is a great place to start. Always check and verify the sitter’s references. Make sure you meet them in person beforehand and even set up a quick trial run to see how well they get along with your kids. Be sure to also run a babysitter background check on them. This will give you full insight into their past. If they ever committed any sort of crime, you will be able to see that in their criminal records. After all, no parent wants a convict looking after their babies. A quick people search will let you know right away whether this person is right for the job or not.