Make Sure Your Mr. Right Isn’t A Mr. Wrong


Mr Right or Mr. Yeah Right?

You’ve been searching for years and you’ve finally found him: the perfect man. The gentle man. The handy man. The manly man. The renaissance man. The can-do man. You get what I’m talking about, right? The one man you’ve always dreamt about. The man of all mans (or men): Mr. Right.

No doubt, your time with Mr. Right is magical—as anyone’s is when in a new relationship. You both have so much in common. You’re constantly one-upping each other in kindness. And the sex is incredible! Better than it was with the last guy—or any guy for that matter.

So, what’s next? Cohabitation? Marriage? Babies? Well, before you take things any further, you should make sure that Mr. Right is really who he says he is. What do I mean? I mean that you never really know someone until you look a little deeper into their life. We all know the story of that one friend who signed her life insurance over and then…Oh, maybe we all don’t know that one. Well, either way you need to know!

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What is the guy hiding?

The Secret Lives Of Others

The truth is that everyone has their secrets. Some are minor ones (you didn’t vote this year). Others are not major, but just really personal (you have a thing for your sister’s boyfriend). And some are so deep (you had sex with a gigolo) … and so dark (you killed him) … that you plan on taking them to your grave (a different grave from the shallow one you dug behind your house). And while I wouldn’t suggest divulging every questionable thing you have ever done to your potential mate, you should now the big ones.

But let’s say that you don’t have any deep, dark secrets. That you’re a pretty normal person—a voting, non-sex-paying, only child, who lives in an apartment and plans to be cremated someday. What about the people you meet? Know? Date? How do you know if they’re “normal”.

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Background CheckThe Best Way To Right A Mr. Wrong

There’s only one way to make sure that the people around you aren’t deviants. Run a background check on them. All of them. Especially the man of your dreams. By running a reverse phone lookup or a people search, you’ll be able to confirm that your Mr. Right doesn’t have any convictions, criminal records, aliases, known accomplices, gun permits, and more.

Say “I did” (as in “I did some background checking”) before you say “I do”. Look into the past and present of your Mr. Right to ensure you have a safe and happy future.