The #1 Thing You Should Do When Meeting New People


A Washington D.C. woman who went missing while heading to Christmas dinner at a friend’s place has turned up. The body of actress and yoga instructor, Tricia McCauley, was found Tuesday in the back of her stolen vehicle. Police initially stated there were signs of trauma and that they had a suspect in custody. An autopsy eventually revealed she was beaten and strangled.

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As of right now, not much is known about the entire crime. The suspect, 29-year-old Adrian Duane Johnson, was caught robbing a CVS and assaulting an employee. It was after that when police discovered McCauley’s vehicle.


It’s been learned that Johnson has a lengthy arrest record. He’d been taken into custody at least 6 times this year alone. He was released for his last crime on December 20 and was supposed to have been wearing a court-ordered GPS monitoring device. He never showed up to have the monitor put on him and no warrant for his arrest was ever issued.


It’s your life. Make it your responsibility. Conduct a background check on everyone.

While there’s no way that McCauley could have known she was going to die that day, there is a way that you could. Simply conduct your very own criminal background search to see if anyone you know or meet poses a danger. It’s true! Sometimes, all you need is a name or a phone number or an address. With just one of these, you could run a criminal background check on anyone and at any time. A public records search could reveal someone’s past criminal history, mugshots, former and current addresses, phone numbers, aliases, and known accomplices.

So, if you’ve met a new guy on a dating site, interviewed several candidates for a job, or are looking for a babysitter to watch over your kids, do yourself a huge service and delve into these individuals’ background. Searching numbers, addresses, and finding people could very well save your life or the life of someone you love.