Dealing with a Stalker: Smart Steps to Take Right Now


Unfortunately, some of us will have to deal with having a stalker at some point in our lives. For whatever reason, there are people who delight in harassing and following around another person. They might be a jilted ex or a delusional whack job.

In addition to this, it’s never been easier for a stalker to pursue you thanks to technology. It’s easy to find someone and learn their daily schedule thanks to social media sites and more. But you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Understanding how to safely handle a stalker and bring them to justice is key. Here’s how you should react if you believe you are being stalked.

The Most Important Step

The most important step to take when you realize someone is stalking you is to avoid contact with them. Do not answer phone calls. Don’t text them back. Avoid engaging in conflict with them and do what you can to avoid them. Stalkers thrive on contact. By not buying into their games, some stalkers may become deterred and will stop trying to harass you. This isn’t always the case, however. Which is why you may want to consider the next step.


Thanks to social media and other technologies, it’s never been easier to find out someones schedule or location

Gather Information About Them

While you shouldn’t directly contact a stalker, it is important to gather information about them as soon as possible. That way you can figure out who you’re dealing with. For example, they may be trying to call or text you. Since you have their phone number, you can use a reverse cell phone lookup service to find out more information about them. Reverse cell phone lookup services allow you to enter a phone number and, using publicly available data, the service will bring up information related to the caller including their name and general location.

Some paid services may bring up additional information including their address and criminal records. Don’t attempt to contact the person and do not send a friend or family member to pursue them. Just keep this information handy. These phone lookup services can help give you an idea of who’s trying to stalk you. This can be especially helpful if the perpetrator uses multiple numbers in an attempt to fool you, which is unfortunately very common.

Never delete texts or calls from a stalker. If you believe you are being followed in public, try to have a friend with you at all times and take photographic evidence whenever possible. If the stalker leaves things for you at your home, such as threatening letters, try to wear gloves when handling these things so that way you don’t smudge their fingerprints.


Being targeted by a stalker is dangerous, but by utilizing these tips you can effectively deal with the situation

What To Do Next

Contact the police as soon as you believe you’re being stalked. Remember all the calls and texts you saved and the information you were able to find? Take that in with you when you make a report. The police may be able to help you file a restraining order.

You may have to consider changing your phone number. If your stalker will not stop, consider moving and investing in some pepper spray or other self-defense tools. Your safety matters. Do not let your stalker get the best of you. Be aware and use these tips to help you conquer someone who’s clearly deranged.

While he may use technology to try and contact you, beat him at his own game by using a reverse cell phone lookup service and getting the police involved. Keep careful records of any communication and always save anything he might try to send you in order to build a case against him and put him away for good.