Discover Your Family Story


Who Am I & Where Do I Come From

Building a detailed family tree that explains one’s ancestry can bring extreme satisfaction in life. Knowing when great grandparents arrived in America, and of the troubles and triumphs they encountered can be truly fulfilling. For many people, the thought of tracing their roots is exciting but a potentially difficult task. Connecting the dots of a family tree is now as simple as the click of a button.

There are a number of reasons someone would want a full picture of their family history including:

  • If you need your family medical history
  • If you have been adopted
  • If you’re name has been changed
  • To reconnect with long-lost family members
  • To pass on your cultural heritage to your children

Using a public records search engine can make it easier than ever to construct your family tree, and understand personal ancestry. They create a new way of looking at history by allowing you to search for people until your tree is complete.

Search For Records Of Marriages, Births, Wills, And Deaths

Marriage, death, and birth records

Going through important legal documents is a great way to trace back your history

The best way to construct a family tree is to trace all of the people that were born before your parents. Public records contain well stored details of marriages, births and deaths with the exact names that people had at those times. Using first and last names, it will be easy to follow the database to see the marriage record of your great grand dad and all of the kids that he and his wife had. Using search engines is easy because every piece of information can be confirmed right there on the web. Each search will also lead you to find someone else, so you will never hit a dead end.

Public records also include wills and probates that can easily tell who the children of your ancestors were. Wills further help to enrich the family tree because they indicate positions of power such as leadership and unique products such as property. You will be able to understand how various properties changed hand, whether through sale, raids or acquisitions.

Dig into Historical Arrival Archives

The history of immigrants arriving in the United States has always been the center of interest to Americans. The story becomes even more interesting when people are able to trace back to the exact country from which their ancestors arrived from. Using public records search engines makes this clearer and gives you a unique sense of attachment to your ancestors.

ellis island immigrants

Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in the early 1900’s

Public record reporting also shows the historical inquests as new settlers started living in the United States. In addition, they also show the many battles that were fought during wars of the same time periods. It will be enthralling to know if one of your ancestors helped grow a community, was a town leader, or if they were a hometown hero during war.

Public records search engines make it easy to understand your personal history and map out your entire family tree. Understanding the past helps people become stronger in everything they do. Upon creating a family tree, many take time to visit the areas their ancestors lived in, get in touch with relatives in distant lands and enjoy the overall satisfaction that comes with discovering and understanding their genealogy.