A History of Violence: An Online Background Check Can Help


Check ‘Em All

You never really know who you know in this world. Your coworker, your next door neighbor, your new boyfriend—any one of them could be harboring a deep, dark secret. Or secrets. That’s why you should do an online background check on everyone you know.

No doubt, you heard all about the Orlando nightclub shooting back in June. The one where a man by the name of Omar Mateen killed 49 club-goers and injured more than 50 others. His shooting spree was dubbed a hate crime because of the club he targeted—the well-known Pulse, is a gay nightclub. It was also labeled an act of terrorism because he pledged his allegiance to ISIL at the time.

No direct connection to the terror group was ever made, yet it was later discovered that Mateen had researched the group and its jihad. He’d also traveled to Saudi Arabia. It turns out, he was investigated by the FBI for a terror connection before his rampage, but that was dismissed.

The Past Never Lies

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Mateen had a history of emotional issues and behavioral problems. Some dated all the back to his elementary school years. Yet, he was still able get a job at a security firm and procure a license to carry a concealed weapon. Below, are just a few “highlights” of his tumultuous life that should have given anyone who came in contact with the troubled man, cause for concern:

  • He was suspended and expelled from school on more than one occasion—usually for fighting.
  • He’d been transferred from one school to another, because of his behavior, several times.
  • He was married twice. His first wife claimed he beat her. His second wife (the mother of his young son) stated he was physically and emotionally abusive to her too.
  • The FBI had him on their watch list.
  • He made several trips to the Middle East.
  • He’d shown disgust at seeing a gay couple kiss once. Yet, friends and colleagues believe he was gay or bisexual himself. Experts think he targeted Pulse because of self-loathing over his sexual orientation.
  • He’d been investigated by schools and work for disturbing comments and outbursts.
  • He was legally allowed to carry a concealed weapon and was an expert marksman.


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Run an online background check. It can save lives.

Despite his documented history of trouble, Mateen had passed multiple employee screenings and psych evaluations. How he did it, is anyone’s guess. Aren’t they supposed to be thorough when it comes to finding people? The only answer is that people, businesses, and organizations screw up. That’s why it’s integral that you run a criminal background check of your own. Don’t trust someone to tell you if they’re a danger to you or the world. Check up on them yourself, before it’s too late.