Hot Date Tonight? Don’t Go Until You’ve Run A Background Check


27-year-old, single father Adam Hilarie was just looking for a nice night out when he went on a date with Hailey Rose Bustos. And he got exactly that. In fact, he was so pleased with the way things went that he asked the 18-year-old out again and she agreed. He never expected that date to be the last night of his life. Had he run a background check on his date, he might have had a clue.

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They met on the dating website PlentyOfFish. On date number one, Hilarie took Bustos out bowling and then to his place afterward. Everything seemed normal and nice to Hilarie. They had bowled, eaten pizza, and had gone back to his place for a while. Then, she left.

She texted him after the date and told him how she had a good time. She suggested they meet up again at his place the next night. Hilarie felt the same way and happily agreed. Little did he know that Bustos had a plan.

hot date Adam Hilarie background check hero searches

On the day of date number two, Hilarie went to answer the door. He was expecting Bustos, but what he got was a push-in. Before he knew what was happening, three men had forced him into his home and beat him. One of them pulled a gun. The father of a 5-year-old girl didn’t resist and pleaded for his life. The men didn’t care. They shot him in the head and Hilarie died on his kitchen floor. Then, thanks to Bustos, they stole all of the valuables that she had spotted and told them about the night before.

Run a background check before every new date

Crime happens everywhere. Many times, they’re committed by people you would never suspect. Just because someone is pretty and nice doesn’t mean they are on the up-and-up. Using sex or love to lure someone is one the oldest tricks in the book, and people are exploiting that tactic with dating websites. It turns out that Bustos had set men up before and her accomplices were all known felons.

hot date background check hero searches murderers

Authorities warn that no one should ever meet at their own place or go to someone else’s. They should be proactive and take every measure to keep themselves safe. That being said, a lot of people today are doing a criminal record checks on the people they meet, because dating websites are not properly vetting their members.


How you can run your own background check

Running a background check is incredibly easy these days—if you know where to go. Many online daters are using Hero Searches to check up on prospective relationships. Doing this allows users to see not just the criminal history of individuals, but also who they associate with, where they live, and what phone numbers they are—and have been—using.

Don’t trust your future with an online date to the website you met on. Do your own people search with a reliable site like Hero Searches in order to make sure you don’t end up like Adam Hilarie.