How To Live Better With Less


Many people, including myself, can sometimes get carried away with materialistic objects and expensive assets that aren’t really necessary. If you are a small business owner or employee who makes enough money to get by, but you’re not rich, these tips and suggestions will go a long way for you. One of the first steps to living better is by ensuring the safety of yourself and your family. You can easily do this by conducting regular background checks on people in your area . Your safety and health is the most valuable thing you can have, running a background check on someone will allow you to see their criminal history, which gives you an idea of who’s living around you. This, in turn, will ensure you live in a safe environment.


Do you really need that new car?

Cars are expensive, and can really drain your bank account over a 4 to 5 year period. Let’s say, you pay $1,200 a month for the new car. That totals to $57,000 over a 4 year lease period. Imagine having an extra $57,000 heading into your retirement? If you are just a little conservative in your thirties and forties, you’ll be able to enjoy the hell out of your sixties and seventies.

background check someone

Cut expenses and start your journey to a happy retirement


Rent a house instead of buying

I know that it is a huge accomplishment to buy a house and raise a family in it. But, along with a down payment and mortgage comes tons of other miscellaneous expenses that you need to take into consideration. These could be, the air-conditioning breaks, there is a flood, your driveway needs to be paved, your grass needs to be cut. There are so many expenses you need to take care of as a homeowner. If you rent from a good landlord, all that maintenance falls on their shoulders and not yours. This allows you to have more free time and not worry about these other, annoying maintenance issues.


Use coupons when grocery shopping

My sister-in law has been in the grocery store with $400 worth of food and walked out paying under $100 after she uses many coupons. Figure, if you have 5 people under one roof you will have to do a huge grocery shop every 2 weeks. In my sister-in law’s situation she saves $600 a month just from using coupons. That’s $7,200 for the year in couponing. Saving this type of money can allow you to live extremely comfortable when you enter retirement.

Money saved from using coupons

Money saved using coupons can be spent on bills or other fun hobbies.

How do YOU live better with less? Is it by downsizing? Renting? Using coupons? Or something else? Whatever you do, it is no lie that all of the material luxuries of fancy cars or mansions are not necessary in order to truly be happy in life.