How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Run A Background Check To Find Out


How well do you really know your partner? If you’ve been with him or her for a while, you’re probably thinking to yourself “pretty well.”

Don’t be so sure. Everyone has their secrets. Maybe you’re always on the straight and narrow, but what about your spouse or significant other? What if they had a dark past that you never knew about? Running a criminal background check on them would expose the truth.


Don’t be left in the dark. Run a background check on your partner.

How would you react if you suddenly discovered that your partner was married before? What would you think if you learned that they had a gun permit? Where would you turn if you found out that they were a registered sex offender? If you want to make sure that the person you share your bed with hasn’t been convicted of any crimes or isn’t hiding disquieting information, then you should run your very own thorough background check on him or her.

Couple in distress fighting on a sidewalk.

Couple in distress fighting on a sidewalk.

Hero Searches to the rescue!

Hero Searches is a state-of-the-art search site that provides the ability to look up court records, mobile numbers, contact data, properties, licenses, and more. If your partner has a mugshot, Hero will find it. If they hang with shady characters, Hero will make that known. If they have a secret cell phone, Hero will reveal the phone number. Whatever dirty little (public record) secrets exist, Hero will find them all out for you.


Don’t let the past ruin your tomorrow.

That person you’re sharing your life with may be a good person now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know the truth about their past. After all, the past often has a way of coming back to haunt. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you’re not taking on more than you deserve. That’s why you should do a people search with Hero today, so that your partner’s past doesn’t harm you.