NYPD Cop Cops a Plea: Why Everyone Should Run Their Own Criminal Records Check


Here’s a case that perfectly illustrates why everyone—including the police—need to do a criminal records check on everyone they meet and know.

A 30-year-old New York Police Department officer was finally sentenced to four years in jail after being arrested three times in one year. The cop, Stacey Staniland, had been in a court-ordered rehabilitation facility, but was thrown out when she was caught selling drugs to other patients. She was placed there because she had been abusing heroin—while on duty!

Staniland was also accused of breaking into her boyfriend’s mother’s home and burglarizing it. In addition, the crazy cop was also involved in a wild motorcycle crash.

Criminal Records Check on Stacey Staniland

Photo of Stacey Staniland, the accused NYPD cop

This woman had been given more than her fair share of chances to right her wrongs, but continued her harmful ways. Now, she’s in prison—but not for long. Staniland will be back on the streets in a few years and could come in contact with you or someone you love.


Protect Yourself From Bad Cops

Officer Staniland isn’t the only problem out there. The world is filled with losers. Knowing everything about another person is impossible—that’s why you should do everything in your power to look into the background of everyone you come in contact with. One of the best ways to do that is to run your own people search.

Conducting your own public records search is one of the most empowering things an individual can do. What once took a lot of money, know-how, and time, can now be done instantly from your computer, tablet, or phone—and in just minutes!

The Secrets a Criminal Records Check Reveal

A proper criminal records search will reveal court records, arrest records, mugshots, aliases, known accomplices, addresses, phone numbers, and gun permits. All of these are important information a person with something to hide would never tell you about.

So, before you let someone that you or your loved one meets into your life, tap their name into a good criminal records search site and see what comes up.