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Vampire Trucker Enslaves Women

A cross-country trucker was sentenced to 20 years in prison for keeping six women captive in his semi tractor trailer, and forcing  them to be sex slaves. 56-year-old Timothy Jay Vafeades of Utah beat, and sexually assaulted several women at different times over two decades.

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Records of Vafeades’ sexual abuse date back all the way to 1994

According to prosecutors said that Vafeades was a vampire-obsessed deviant who trapped women in his truck. He himself had fangs, and after trapping the women he then ground their teeth down and sexually abused them daily. Allegedly, the teeth grinding had nothing to do with his affinity for vampirism.

herosearches sex slave trucker Vafreades background check

Vafeades, also known as the “Vampire Trucker”

“I Got You Now. You Are Mine.”

One of the women testified that her ordeal lasted for months after she agreed to a dinner date with Vafeades. She had gotten into his truck ready for a night out, but when she noticed they weren’t near any restaurants, she began to worry–by then it was too late. Once Vafeades had her captive, he kept her in his truck and obsessively controlled her every movement, including her bathroom use.

Another woman was kidnapped after coming to work for the deranged truck driver. Two other victims came forward with their ordeal which occurred 20 years earlier.

herosearches sex slave trucker Vafeades background check

Vafeades’ Mug Shot

“I am Sorry For Not Recognizing Myself & What a Monster I Am.”

Vafeades apologized before US District Judge David Nuffer, who said the abuses the women suffered were some of the worst he ever heard “and I didn’t have to live it.”

The rapist’s attorney tried to plead for leniency, alleging that Vafeades himself was the victim of abuse as a child. In the end, Judge Nuffer handed down a 20-year sentence. Though lenient, it was part of a plea deal struck in order to spare the other women from having to relive their horrors in court.

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