Protecting Your Children From Strange Callers


Thanks to the Internet and the advent of smartphones, strange people have a much larger platform when it comes to accessing information. Unfortunately, some of these people use that information to scam, harass, or harm others. If your child has a smartphone, you need to ensure that they are mindful about strange calls from people they don’t know. Whether they’re being targeted by a bully, a predator, or a scammer, your child needs to know how to protect themselves. Especially if they receive a call or a text from someone they’re not sure if they can trust.

Being suspicious of a call or a text from an unknown caller isn’t paranoia. It’s being pragmatic and realistic when it comes to your general safety and you should never discount the importance of staying safe in a dangerous world.

The Kinds of Calls to Watch Out For

Generally, any call from a person you don’t know is something your children should be on the lookout for. But here are a few warning signs you may want to teach them.

The caller will not identify themselves to your child. This situation should have you worried. After all, you don’t know if the caller is someone suspicious or creepy.

If someone is trying to send inappropriate, explicit texts or calls to your child, be on high alert. Your child should understand that if a call or text makes them feel uncomfortable, you are someone they can come to for help.

If your child is offered a job that sounds too good to be true or is targeted by someone who claims to be an IRS agent, a police officer, or someone who can fix their computer, they are being targeted by a con artist.

These are some of the most common warning signs when it comes to calls a child should be very suspicious about. Do not hesitate to take action if a person makes your child uncomfortable, tries to scam your child or is otherwise acting very strange and creepy. No one should have to deal with an individual who is trying to harass, mislead, or attack them over the phone.


Most children don’t know how to react when a stranger contacts them

How You Can Protect Your Child

If your child is being targeted by a suspicious caller, you should use a reverse phone lookup service to help identify them. Many websites offer this service for free but you can opt for a paid variation if you would like more information such as criminal reports. These services use publicly available information to help you find information such as the persons name, address, arrest records, and more.

You may also want to encourage your child to fill out reports with the FTC, if they believe they are being targeted by a scam. If you believe a criminal or a predator is attempting to make contact with your children do not hesitate to contact the police. You can file a report with whatever information your phone searches pull up.

Be sure your child knows that they are not being paranoid by being concerned. These days, it’s more important than ever to identify potentially dangerous people who may use your child’s phone to harass them. By using tools such as these, your child can stay safe.


Protecting your kids from potentially dangerous individuals is important, especially in today’s connected world