Self Discovery With Public Records Search Engines | What Type Of Information Would Pop Up?


Like everyone else, there has probably been a time when curiosity got the best of you and out of the blue you decided to Google your name to see what would come up. The thought of search engines knowing a thing or two about you is always interesting, right?

When you try Googling your name, most of the results that come back probably have to do with your social media profiles and maybe a few articles or blog posts you have been featured on. But what other types of results would others get when they enter your name for their own knowledge on a public records search engine like Hero Searches?


Here’s what may pop up when you check your name with a public records search engine:


Birth Records

A name search may reveal your birth record – including your name, the very place you were born, the names of your parents, etc.

Baby being held by parent

Birth records will reveal the truth about where you were born and who you were born to.


Educational Background

Some people pretend that they visited such and such institutions just for the sake of prestige and to earn the bragging rights. Well, the public records search engine information makes you realize that you truly can’t lie about your educational background. It lists in chronological order your educational history from the very first school you attended, all the way up to the college where you earned my masters degree.

School classroom full of empty desks

Public record search engines will show your educational history all the way through to college.


Financial Records

Whether you like it or not, we live in a world where having a good credit score is instrumental. These search engines provide you with updated, accurate, and reliable personal financial and bank records. They present information on your financial status which essentially makes it easy for you to improve your credit score (or avoid falling in love with someone with a horrible credit history).

Woman holding tablet

A personal background check can reveal your own financial history too.

Address Lookup

A quick address search will reveal all of your past addresses along with your current one.

Home in neighborhood

Find out information about an address with an address lookup.


Phone Number Lookup

The same goes for phone numbers!

Hero Searches offers both reverse phone and address lookups so you can learn all about the others of phone numbers and addresses too.

Different types of phones

A reverse phone number lookup will return data on the type of phone carrier, the owner’s name, etc.


Criminal Records

If you can say without any fear of contradiction that you have never been on the wrong side of the law, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you ever had a brush with the law in the past, information on tickets, incarceration and so on and so forth can surface with a quick search on a public record directory.

hero searches background check

A criminal records background check will show the truth about anybody’s past.


Needless to say your first experience using a public records search engine can be very rewarding and informational. Are you curious on what might come up when you search your name? Try Hero Searches today to find out!