Uber And Lyft To Partner With Fast Food Giants


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the ride sharing services Uber and Lyft. They’re currently both trending in the news for their recent partnerships.  Here’s everything you need to know.

Ride Sharing Services

Both of these taxi alternatives got their start in San Francisco, California. Since then, these companies have grown exponentially.  Uber now provides its ride sharing service in cities around the world, with Lyft planning to expand overseas in the near future.

One thing about these companies is that they always seem to be in the news.  For example, Uber has recently started a new safety program urging riders to be on the lookout for fake drivers.  This is in response to the rising number of fake Uber drivers in the US.  To combat this, you should take the time to look up the arrest records of your driver before getting into his or her car.  By performing a quick background check, you can be sure that your driver will get you to your destination safe and sound.

Use caution and be sure to look up your driver's arrest records before getting into their car!

Take the time to look up your driver’s arrest records before getting into his or her car!

Fast Food Partnerships

Another recent news story related to Uber and Lyft is their decision to partner with major fast food brands. Last month, Uber announced that its UberEATS program would be partnering with McDonalds.  Although the UberEATS program has been around for a few years, McDonalds is by far the most popular brand associated with it.

In response to this, Lyft announced on Tuesday that it would be partnering with Taco Bell.  With this partnership, Lyft riders will be given the option to activate “Taco Mode” on the Lyft app.  Unfortunately, “Taco Mode” will only be available for two weeks in select areas of California.  However, Lyft plans to launch this feature nation-wide as early as next year.  This is great news for anyone who gets the munchies after a late night of partying.

Be on the lookout for more fast food establishments to jump on board the ride sharing craze in the near future. And as always, make sure it’s safe to get in your driver’s car by looking up their arrest records first. Read more articles like this on News Feed.