What’s Your Middle Schooler REALLY Learning?


Are Your Kids’ Teachers Criminals?

The last decade has seen a rise in female teachers having sex with their students. A recent case involved Houston middle school teacher Alexandria Vera. The 24-year-old educator was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having sex with one of he 13-year-old male students.

alexandria vera middle school teacher sex case criminal background checks ID

According to reports, Vera met the then-8th grader during summer school where he attended her English class. The sexual part of the relationship began after he contacted her on Instagram. Investigations found that the two spent nearly every day together for nine months. Ultimately, Vera became pregnant by her summer school student.

Vera testified that the boy’s parents had full knowledge of the relationship and were fine with it. She said that they allowed him to stay at her house on numerous occasions. Allegedly, the student’s parents were also supportive of the pregnancy. However, Vera did have an abortion after she was arrested.

The student remains in foster care as of now, and the disgraced teacher Vera is eligible for parole in five years.

alexandria vera middle school teacher sex case criminal background checks sentencing

Middle school teacher Alexandria Vera during her sex abuse case in court.

Why Teachers are Hot for Students

Everyone gets it bad for a teacher at least once in their life. And some teachers enjoy the attention. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay, or legal for them to take advantage of that infatuation. Legally, 24-year-old Vera was an adult, and as an adult, she should’ve known better. Beyond her seemingly non-existent moral compass, having sex with an underage child, even with consent is considered statutory rape.  The problem is that many “adults” today are caught in a perpetual state of arrested development. A big reason for that is the influence of social media on our culture. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have a resounding effect on kids today—and a good deal of today’s teachers were kids less than a decade ago. They all grew up with social media, and they’re all affected by it.

Educators and social media have been a controversial hot topic for quite some time. Teachers making comments about students on their Facebook pages, teachers calling out parents on social media and even worse.

alexandria vera middle school teacher sex case criminal background checks sexy selfie

Conduct criminal background checks on every teacher.

Every now and then, a case like this comes up and we eventually find out the perpetrator had a criminal history. Yet, the school didn’t know about it. It’s an outrage—and one that can be prevented by running thorough criminal background checks.

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