Who’s the Big Shot Now?


If you were tuned into the political scene last night, you already know what went down. However, for those of you who didn’t, here’s the latest: according to CNN there has been a recent change when it comes to the Republican front runner. Remember how Trump was practically winning everyone over? Not anymore. CNN and Facebook confirm that Ted Cruz has won the Wisconsin primaries.

Ted Cruz, the projected winner of the Wisconsin Republican primary, at an event Tuesday night in Milwauke.

Ted Cruz speaking at a campaign rally

CNN states, “Cruz argued that his campaign was now responsible for ‘the full spectrum of the Republican Party coming together and uniting’ and said he — not Trump — is most likely general election candidate.”

Are Cruz and Trump still going at it? There’s no doubt about it. CNN’s article, Cruz win moves GOP closer to contested convention by Stephen Collinson definitely conveys some evidence of heat.

Now we all know that the presidential debate can get heated (as we have seen) but how heated can it get? Apparently, heated enough to start trash talking one another’s wives. Just look on Google or Facebook and the proof is there.

Bustle states, “Unsurprisingly, the Twitter battle got weird and sexist real fast. Naturally, the candidates attacked one another in the playground style to which we’ve become accustomed.”

For instance, there was a rumor that Ted Cruz cheated on his wife. According to People magazine and the New York Post, Cruz claims that this isn’t the case. I truly believe that Cruz didn’t cheat, but if his wife ever gets suspicious, she can use a reverse number lookup to identify any unknown numbers that call or text him.

As Bustle has conveyed from more of a feminine perspective, it shouldn’t be like this and I agree. It’s a presidential debate. Can’t we keep it professional and dignified, people? Here’s hoping nothing more has been mentioned since, and that it stays that way too.