Why It’s Important To Do A Background Check On Your Kid’s Coach


Should Coaches Be Subject to Background Checks?


As of June 15, 2017 some states require non-school youth coaches to be checked for a criminal background. Not all though. Check here to see if your state requires coaches to undergo a background check

 A youth football coach was arrested in North Carolina after police discovered he was a sex offender. According to reports, 33-year-old Kevin Lamar Concepcion was a known registered sex offender. It is unclear how Concepcion was able to become a youth sports coach. It appears that nobody performed a background check on him?

Iredell County Sheriff’s office was given an anonymous tip about Concepcion’s past offenses, including a 2003 New York sexual offense conviction. NC police found that Concepcion was indeed registered as a sex offender in Iredell County, and had violated his parole by volunteering to coach children playing for the Mooresville Hornets Midget Football Team. It was later discovered that Concepcion had an extended criminal record—one that continued on after his sex offense conviction. In 2005, he was charged with possession of a loaded weapon. And more recently—in 2013—he was convicted in Ohio for drug trafficking.

It Is Up to You to Do a Background Check.

Unfortunately this not an isolated incident. This type of oversight happens all of the time. While people are typically outraged when they find out something like this has slipped through the crack, we do put our children’s fate in other people’s hands. As parents you expect organizations who hire individuals to care for our kids to conduct proper background checks—but they don’t always do so. That’s why it’s up to you to step up and do your own background checks.

sex offender concepcion hero searches background check

Even with a previous sex offender conviction, Kevin Concepcion was still able to become a youth football coach

Kids Need a Hero

Running a background check used to be only for cops, government organizations, and banks. Not anymore. Any individual with a concern can run a complete background check on someone from their home. Many parents today are doing exactly that with a search site called Hero Searches.

Hero Searches is an easy-to-use service that allows you to conduct people search on anyone who is going to be around your children. Just because that coach is nice or seems really capable doesn’t mean that you should inherently trust him or her. Use Hero Searches to see if registered sex offender records, weapons permits or criminal offenses. Mug shots, crime details, known accomplices—Hero Searches can access it all out for you.

Your kids are your most precious possessions. Make sure you don’t leave them in the wrong hands. Check out Hero Searches today.