Woman Catches Her Cheating Boyfriend by Hiding in the Trunk of His Car


There’s no question that love makes us do silly, and sometimes crazy things. But, this story might just take the cake.

In a series of nearly 100 tweets, Victoria chronicled her quest to catch her boyfriend in the act by stowing away in the trunk of his car. These tweets, which have attracted 25,000 likes, reveal how the young woman from Florida first suspected that her boyfriend, solely identified as Z, was cheating on her.


“When you catch your n**** cheating with a b****! He packed his s*** to leave me this h** but I’m in the trunk,” she captioned over a short clip of herself hiding in the trunk of the moving car.

Victoria said that she became agitated that Z didn’t contact her on a Friday morning and later that day, she heard him sneeze and say thank you during a conversation with another girl, Katie.

Shortly after, she summons her best friend, Bri, to help her figure out some sort of a game plan. Eventually, the friends discover where this girl lives and go to her apartment, where Victoria’s boyfriend’s car is parked outside. Knowing that he never locks his doors, she quickly jumps in the trunk and waits about 20 minutes before Z and another girl walk to his vehicle together and drive off.

As soon as the car stops, Victoria jumps out of the trunk and taps on the window.

”Don’t know where TF we at!” she wrote on Twitter. “Can’t wait till this n**** realize I’m the definition of a ‘ride or die.’”

But, as it turned out, the other girl wasn’t Katie, and instead of the pair being startled, they simply laughed at the determined girlfriend and drove off. Fortunately, Bri had been following all along and gave Victoria a lift home afterwards.

She would then wait two full days for Z to contact her ask for the opportunity to plead his case. According to Victoria, she interrogated him like the questioning of Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint in The Usual Suspects.

“That’s the end of the story cause I don’t wanna sit here & tell y’all that I broke up with that f***boy or that we happily ever back 2gether,” she concluded to the disappointment of her nail biting followers.
Although you gotta give Victoria props, it would’ve been much easier for her to use a reverse number lookup cell phone or a background check.