Background Verification Can Save Your Daughter’s Life


The pimp-boyfriend of a woman whose body parts were found in trash bags has been charged with her murder. Her parents tried to convince her to leave him before her death. Unfortunately, it was too late. Make sure your daughter doesn’t meet a similar fate. Get background verification of the men she meets and dates.

40-year-old Brooklyn man Somorie Moses is being accused of killing his girlfriend, Leondra Foster and dismembering her body. The case first came to the authorities’ attention when Foster’s torso and limbs showed up in garbage bags at the Hunts Point Metropolitan Transfer Station in the Bronx. Investigators then traced the bags to Moses’ apartment.

somorie moses pimp murder background verification

When the police searched his home, they found more of Foster’s remains in the long-time pimp’s freezer. Among the body parts found were her head, hands, and feet—one of which had Moses’ name tattooed on it. They also found blood spatters throughout his Flatbush, Brooklyn residence, along with blood-soaked clothes.

somorie moses pimp murder background verification

The situation isn’t surprising to many—including Foster’s parents. Moses had been a known pimp for years, as well as a Level 2 sex offender. Foster was a sex-worker. However, her parents are outraged. They had spent the better part of the year trying to get Foster to leave the abusive Moses. She refused. Now, their baby is dead.

somorie moses pimp murder background verification

How to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

If you have a loved one who may be in an abusive relationship, you should do everything in your power to get them out. However, the best way to avoid abuse is to know who you’re dealing with. One really good way to tell the good guys from the bad guys is to do a background check online.

Getting background verification doesn’t have to just be used on prospective employees, renters, or money borrowers. It can be done by regular people who just want to know what’s going on. By running a public search on someone, you’ll get access to criminal records, court records, mug shots, aliases, and more.

Use Hero Searches for your next background verification.

There are a few background verification sites out there. One of the newest and most reliable is Hero Searches. If you’re about to meet someone new or want to check up on someone your daughter is dating, run a background check on them. It may just save a life.


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