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Recently, I watched my dear friend send her daughter off to college for the first time. Before the big send-off, they had decided to get mother/daughter tattoos. These two had, and continue to have, a very special relationship with one another. They definitely are more like best friends than mother and daughter. It made me think. What kind of special memories am I creating with my own boys? If I have learned anything in my life, it is that memories far outweigh any material things a person can have. Memories are what you take with you wherever you go.

With that in mind I decided to create a Mother/Son bucket list. I asked my kids what were some of the things they wished they could see or do, and I added some of my own things I would love to see my kids experience for the first time. This is how I came up with the 24-item bucket list for moms and sons. Once my list was compiled, I used an address finder tool to help me find a good place to start. The following list includes items that will allow you to experience his world as well as allowing him to experience yours.

Mother and Son Bucket List

These mother and son activities are sure to create some lasting memories

Whether you take my list and run with it or it inspires you to write your own mother/son bucket list I encourage you to get out and explore the world together and enjoy each other’s company. If you’re running into trouble trying to find interesting places to go with your son, you can always use an address finder to help give you some ideas. In my opinion, there truly is nothing better in life than watching someone experience something for the first time. It’s like going back and doing it all over again yourself.

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  1. Thank you for the bucket list (ideas) for a mother and daughter. We can use it later this summer or forward it to anyone looking for thoughts sincerely/ glenn