Famous Celebrity Crimes You May Have Forgotten


Every year there are always mind-blowing stories leaked on our favorite celebrities. More often than not, these stories are just lies created to arouse the media and fans. However, there have been times when these tales were, in fact, true and they left us shocked beyond our wildest imaginations. Not sure which ones we’re talking about? Take a look below.

The top 5 celebrity crimes that left us speechless:


  • O.J. Simpson – The trial of O.J. Simpson was a highly publicized event. It was the trial that set the bar for round-the-clock media coverage and the case that made one network—Court TV (now truTV)—a household name. This case made even more headlines when Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Lyle Goldman.


  • Bill Cosby – Known to many as the family man, Cosby had his reputation destroyed when multiple women began speaking up—saying the famous TV dad had drugged and raped them. With the earliest alleged incidents taking place in the mid-1960s, Cosby has been accused by nearly 60 women of either rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and/or sexual misconduct. All of these allegations have caused Cosby to lose favor in the public eye.


  • Jared Fogle – You may know him better as the former Subway spokesman who was famously known for shedding tons of weight just by eating at the famous fast food chain. For years, Fogle won over American hearts with his commercials. However, that all changed when he was convicted of child pornography and having sex with minors in 2015. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


  • Martha Stewart – We all know Martha Stewart for her famous home living collection and sweet personality. But I’m sure we all forgot about her stint with the law. Stewart was convicted of insider trading back in 2004, and spent years making her comeback, finally being placed back on the board of directors of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in 2011. We barely remember this now, but back in 2004, it was the biggest shocker of the century.


  • Robert Blake – In 2002,  Robert Blake was arrested and charged in connection with his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley’s 2001 murder after her body was found in North Hollywood with a bullet hole through her head. Blake denied all charges and in 2005, he was found not guilty of the crime. He was, however, found liable for her death in a wrongful death lawsuit and had to pay $30 million. Afterward, he filed for bankruptcy.

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