The #1 Thing You Should Do Before Hiring a Caregiver: Run a Criminal Record Check


If you have aging parents or a physically impaired/special needs loved one, then you should run a criminal record check on anyone who helps watch over them. Why? Because you never know what you’re getting. Take the case below as a perfect example.

A female caregiver in Ohio was taken into custody for performing lewd acts before her 100-year-old patient. 26-year-old Brittany Fultz was charged with forcing herself upon the dementia-suffering man at The Commons of Providence nursing home. The assault was captured on a cell phone by a coworker. In the video, she is seen stroking the defenseless patient’s leg, making lewd suggestions, pulling down her pants, and doing a lap dance on his thigh.

brittany futz bad caregiver criminal record check

Fultz is seen sitting or lounging while taunting the man who is in the chair across from her. “I can show you new things,” she says. “I won’t tell if you won’t. I’m a girl… you know what that means.”

The video was later turned in to nursing home officials. Fultz was booked and then released since then.

brittany futz bad caregiver criminal record check

The #1 thing you should do when hiring anyone is run a criminal record check.

It’s hard enough to take care of someone who has all of their faculties (both physical and mental). But caring for someone who doesn’t can require a good deal of extra help. That’s why it’s important to find the right person—or people—to pitch in. However, finding someone truly competent can be an extremely difficult task.


Every delicate soul needs a Hero.

Running a criminal history check can be done by anyone today—and should. The fact remains that you can’t trust a company—even a nursing home—to do a proper job of it themselves. People have secrets—and they’re really good at hiding them. That’s why you should head to Hero Searches.

Hero Searches is a top people search site that provides court records, criminal records, gun permit information, mugshots, and more to anyone who needs it.

So, if you’re going to say “You’re hired” to anyone in the near future… get a Hero’s help first.


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