Discover the Dark Secrets Your Date May Be Hiding


Whenever we hear about sexual perversions, we automatically think of a man. However, that’s not always the case. Take, for instance, the recent incident involving a woman in Australia charged with bestiality.

27-year-old Australian waitress Jenna Louise Driscoll was arrested and accused of several offenses stemming from a drug trafficking investigation. Though she was officially incriminated on trafficking the drugs, that wasn’t the most disturbing thing. She was also charged with biting a child and stabbing a woman with a fork—BUT, that’s still not the worst act she committed! No, the most offensive thing this woman did was have sex with her pit bull—and film it for her boyfriend at his request!

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Driscoll got off easy on the bestiality charge. The judge handed her a suspended sentence of just two years. How long she spends in jail on the other charges remains to be seen. However, know this … Jenna Louise Driscoll will be out on the streets someday. Free to roam. Free to work and play. Free to date whomever she wants—outside the canine community that is. So, make sure that she—or someone like her—doesn’t end up dating you or someone you love. And do that by running a complete personal background check on them.

Run a Background Check Before You Head Out

There are a lot of sick people out there. Many of them have been caught—and they’ve left some kind of record of their acts behind. But if you don’t know what to look for—or where to look—you may never find out. That’s why you should run a thorough background check before you entrust yourself or a loved one to someone new.

Use Hero Searches to Do Your Next Background Check

There’s a relatively new people search site that’s been providing people with reliable criminal records background check information. It’s called Hero Searches. This site uses state-of-the-art technology to find the dirty secrets of career criminals, petty thieves, rapists, hoaxers, hucksters, sexual deviants, and more. If your date has a criminal past, Hero can prove it.

Hero Searches can provide you with the names of known accomplices, previous addresses, mugshots, court documents, and more. It can even do a reverse phone lookup of any number you type in. So, before you say “Yes” to a first, second, or third date, know what you’re getting into.


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