STOP! In the Name of Hotness


A police officer in Freeport, NY is getting a lot of attention due to her moonlighting gig. Why? Because she’s a lingerie/swimsuit model—and she’s hot! That’s right, 32-year old Samantha Sepulveda is a stunning woman who fights crime by day and then strikes a pose at night. However, according to the 7-year veteran, many of her friends had no idea that she was a cop.

lingerie swimsuit model cop samantha sepulveda uniform background search

Sepulveda’s Instagram account has 144,000 followers. Most of them follow her because of her looks. It was only recently that people starting to learn that she was a police officer. Her social media page never shows any pictures of her in uniform. She never wanted to make a big deal out of her being a model/cop, but now that things have come to light, she’s owning it.

“If I can stand there and go, you know what, I’m comfortable with myself and I’m still smart and I’m still tough, but I’m still feminine, I think that’s a positive message all around.”

—Samantha Sepulveda

Many people—including Freeport’s mayor—agree. However, some question what kind of a role model Sepulveda can be, posing in her underwear. A good many of them wonder if the police department even knew. Did any of it come up in their criminal background check of Officer Hotbody?

lingerie swimsuit model cop samantha sepulveda two background search

Background search everyone.

While posing in your underwear isn’t a crime, it may be something that you, personally, aren’t comfortable with. It may lead you to wonder about the character of someone who does this. If that’s the case, then you may want to conduct a background search of people you know, meet, and hire.

Use Hero Searches for your criminal record search.

Using a public records search site like Hero Searches can reveal many of the dirtiest secrets that an individual might be hiding. Mugshots, criminal records, alternate/former addresses and phone numbers, known accomplices—Hero Searches can show it all to you.

lingerie swimsuit model cop samantha sepulveda pose background search

Being hot isn’t a crime. Nor is modeling. But not knowing who you’re mixing with is. Empower yourself by being in the know all the time. And do it with Hero Searches.


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