Crimes in the NFL


With the 2017 NFL Playoffs already in full swing, you might be surprised to find out that NFL superstars commit the most crimes of all the professional sports leagues. Football players are notorious for getting into fights on the field, but they are also known for getting in trouble with the law. From illegal gun possession, DUIs, DWIs, robbery, aggravated assault, sexual assault, battery, rape, and domestic violence, players across the league have paid a heavy price for their mistakes.

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Sports Crime Stats

Reports from various media outlets have shown that the crime rates for NFL players continues to increase each year. The top crimes include domestic violence and DUIs. An estimated 55.4% of NFL players have been arrested at some point in their careers. 48% of the violent crimes committed by these athletes are domestic violence assaults.

It’s a shock to find out that those we cheer on and idolize each week are such dangerous people. Although not every incident is high profile, like Aaron Hernandez and O.J. Simpson, there are still plenty of cases of disorderly superstars every year. Are you curious about the criminal records of your idol?

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Run an NFL Background Check, the Results Might Shock You

You can access anyone’s public records with just a few clicks of the mouse. Just because someone is a famous celebrity or professional athlete does not make their records any less accessible. If you are curious about anyone’s past you can enter their name into a public records search engine. Doing so will give you access to a wealth of information about the individual in question.

Are you curious to see if anyone still in the running for a Super Bowl ring has a secret criminal past? Run an NFL background check right now! Maybe you’ll find out your favorite player has some assault charges from back in the day. It might make you rethink who you’ll be cheering on this playoff season. Who knows, you might even need to buy some new jerseys for your new favorite team.


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