Beware Your Uber Driver—He May Take You For One HELL Of A Ride


Here’s a reason you may want to do a criminal record check of your next Uber driver. A Philadelphia Uber driver is in a lot of trouble after beating up his passenger two days before Christmas. According to reports, Joseph Fusco (the director of public safety at Allied Universal security) was pulled from the front seat of his ride and attacked by his driver. The case is still being investigated, however, this isn’t the first incident involving Uber drivers.

Uber driver crimes criminal record check

An Uber History of Horror.

Beatings, DUIs, sexual assaults, armed robberies, kidnappings, murders—all have been committed by Uber drivers. Launched in 2009, Uber quickly rose in popularity by offering app-based transportation that competed with taxis. But unlike the typical cabbie, an Uber driver uses his or her own vehicle and doesn’t need a taxi license. That is why so many of the company’s drivers are getting into trouble.

Anyone can get a job driving for Uber. The only requirement is to have a vehicle (and a license to drive it). There are no tests to take. No training to undergo. No official “chauffeur’s” licenses to be had. The company claims it runs a background check on its drivers. But with the number of crimes being committed by its “contractors” … it doesn’t appear to be a very good one. That’s why you should take searching crime reports into your own hands.

Uber driver crimes criminal history check

Run Your Own Criminal Record Check.

If you’re hailing a ride with Uber, then you should do a criminal record check of your assigned driver. How? Uber sends you basic information about that person—name, picture, and phone number, etc. You can take that information and plug into a reliable criminal search site like Hero Searches. What you find after that may save your life.

Uber driver crimes criminal history check

Hero Searches for Your Criminal Record Check.

Hero Searches will reveal any criminal history that that person who is picking you up may have. Court documents, mugshots, previous addresses, aliases, gun licenses, and more—Hero can show you it all.

So, before you get into the backseat of a stranger who may or may not be a convicted criminal, run a reverse lookup of their phone. It may save your life.


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