The #1 Thing You Should Do Before Your Valentine’s Day Date


Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Thousands of women across the country are gearing up for what they hope will be a night of romance and surprises. However, they may be in for surprises of the worst kind if they don’t run a criminal background check on their date beforehand.

Of course, you’ve heard V-Day horror stories before. One girl finds out her boyfriend is dating someone else. Another gets left at the restaurant with the bill. And yet another breaks her nose performing oral sex on her date. However, every now and then, there’s a tale that tops all of them. Don’t let your next Valentine’s Day story be one of those.

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 Crazy in love is like crazy in life.

They say that love is blind and there may be real, clinical truth to that statement. A few years back, scientists proved why people who are madly in love may ignore negative things in life—especially the ones attached to the other person. In a series of tests, they found that some sections of the brain began firing up when a picture of the person they loved was shown. They also noticed that parts of the brain (the frontal cortex) actually shut down completely.

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And you know, other experiments by different teams of investigators have been done too. They showed a strong similarity between the brains of people “in love” and those that have been deemed clinically insane. Now you know why your “crazy” friend Katy keeps dating one loser after another!

So, knowing that a new “love” can make you insane in the membrane, think ahead. Take the initiative and do a thorough criminal background check of your date as soon as you meet them. That way you’ll have all the information on him (or her) before you completely lose it.


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 What a criminal background check can do for you.

Running a public records search on someone can unveil all of their dark secrets. Police records, mugshots, court documents, addresses, phone numbers, aliases, known accomplices…. These are just some of the things you can find out about a person just by running a people search online.

So, before you go on that date with someone you don’t really know, check them out. Why? Because going out is nice … but coming home alive and well is better.


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