About Us

Hero Searches is a brand-new, state-of-the-art public records search service that provides background checks on individuals in the US for regular, everyday people like you and me.

It’s that simple!

Hero Searches can help you look up information on friends, family, neighbors and any of the people you meet. It can let you make sure that the people around your children are good, law-abiding citizens—not convicted murders, robbers, rapists and pedophiles. Some people use it to check up on blind dates and social media hook-ups. Others use it for online buyers or sellers in order to see whom they are entrusting with their credit card information or goods. Parents use it to get some insight into the past of their kids’ babysitters, coaches, teachers, and friends’ parents.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Hero Searches’ mission is to help people find, understand, and implement public data into their everyday world. Public records used to be only something big companies had access to, but with Hero Searches, anyone can do a public background search.

Our Values


Hero Searches offers a quick and pain-free way to access public records. It provides comprehensive reports and data that have been consolidated from numerous sources to make it easier for you to understand. Simple, reliable and very affordable, Hero Searches will come to your rescue when you need help learning the truth about the people around you.

Our Team

Simple To Use

In the old days, doing a background check on someone was a difficult thing for the average Joe. It cost a lot of money, took a lot of know-how, and was incredibly time-consuming. Hero Searches changes all that. We provide a user-friendly, one-stop destination for anyone who needs to look into the background of a potential office employee, nanny, coach, teacher, neighbor, etc.