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Reverse Phone Lookup – Type in Any Number and Get Information Instantly with Hero Searches

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Access full contact details including mobile numbers, bankruptcy records, criminal records, and more.

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Phone Numbers

Have you ever received a missed call or text message from a suspicious number? By using our reverse phone service, you can identify the individual, and much more!

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Owner Information

Our reverse phone lookup service provides our users with the most accurate information possible. This includes the owner’s name, their home address, and much more.

Search it. Know it.

Getting odd calls from numbers you don’t know? Is an unknown number contacting your child's phone? Do you think your partner is cheating on you?
Hero Searches is a state-of-the art reverse phone number lookup site that will help you find out who it is.

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Hero Searches is simple to use and very affordable. With Hero Searches, you’ll no longer have to stare at an unknown number and wonder if it’s a legit caller or some creep or scammer.

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Hero’s database searches through every phone number in North America in order to bring you the most reliable information available—giving you the ability to protect yourself from shady individuals.

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The Hero Searches background check engine lets you perform a detailed public records search of anyone in the country—right from your phone, tablet, or computer.


The world is filled with con men, murderers, sex offenders, and other criminals looking to do you harm. Don’t give them the opportunity. Do a reverse phone number search today with Hero Searches so that you’re always in know … and not in the dark.